Focus of the Month: January 2017

Maybe some of you have been asked by others, perhaps many times, “Why do you practise yoga?” What do you say; how do you explain what yoga means to you?

There are many layers to yoga; some of us come to it for the physical benefits and to help with our aches and pains, others are drawn to yoga for the spiritual journey. Wherever you are, “practise for the pleasure of yoga and on those days when the pleasure is not immediately apparent practise for the discipline.” (Yoga – Mastering the basics, Sandra Anderson & Rolf Sovik)

Yoga is said to be a method that helps to awaken in yourself a sense of balance and harmony, a journey of self-discovery.

“Yoga is a method for increasing awareness of this inner self. In the process, each level of personality (pancha koshas) is given attention because when the body and mind are healthy and the personal conflicts have been resolved, the mind is freed for deeper concentration and reflection.” (Yoga – Mastering the basics, Sandra Anderson & Rolf Sovik)

I just know it makes me feel good and that it has an effect on the rest of my life.

“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within”.

BKS Iyengar

Let me know why you practise and what yoga means to you.

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